1. How long does it take to receive affiliate credentials?
  2. Affiliate signup form submitted will be reviewed within 3 business days. After approval, you will be able to login with your username and password set at the time of submitting the signup form.
  3. How can I know members are registered via my source?
  4. Crickex affiliate account will provide a marketing tool to create your unique tracking link. Any traffic signed up from this link will be accounted for under your downline.
  5. Can I register more than one website under a single affiliate account?
  6. Yes, you can create a unique tracking link according to source from your affiliate account via marketing tool.
  7. Do you accept affiliates without websites?
  8. Each signup form submitted will be reviewed for this case. Please email us at marketing@crickex.com with details on your member sources.
  9. What payment methods do Crickex affiliate program support?
  10. All revenue share earned by the affiliate will be transferred to respective affiliate’s bank account.
  11. What is the minimum payout of the revenue share?
  12. Minimum payout for the affiliate’s revenue share is 500 in ₹ or ৳. Any amount less than this will be dismissed on the same month and won’t be carried over to next month.
  13. Is there a negative carryover?
  14. Negative carryover is applied if the affiliate’s revenue from a member is negative i.e. member win. In this case, negative revenue will be carried forward and settled with next month's revenue.
  15. What is the percentage for commission?
  16. Everyone with minimum 5 active players (depositing players) will get commission of 50%
  17. Are there any charges on the affiliate’s withdrawal?
  18. The affiliates will be charged 20% of earned revenue share as operating cost.
  19. How many withdrawals can I make from my affiliate account?
  20. Affiliate withdrawal is only one time a month. Withdrawal can be done once monthly settlement is over.
  21. When will I receive the payout to my bank account for the affiliate revenue share?
  22. All payments of revenue share will be transferred to the affiliate's bank account within the 10th of each month.
  23. How many active players required to withdraw commission?
  24. Affiliate need to have a minimum of 5 active players (depositing players) to be eligible for commission.
  25. Do I need to maintain both criteria of 3 active players and commission more than 500?
  26. Yes, an affiliate needs to maintain both criteria in order to be eligible for commission.
    Example: If an affiliate has 2 active players and the amount is more than 500 then also it won’t be eligible. The commission earned by the particular affiliate will be dismissed.